We MEZANE FOSSIL STORE are manufacturer and sellers in Rissani Morocco, near the famous Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

We produce and sell main products as follows:

   * Natural fossil stones: Ammonite, goniatite, orthoceras, trilobites, shark teeth,...etc!

   * Fossil marble home decoration: dishes, boxes, candle holders, bookends, vases, cups, brush holders, ashtrays, bowls, eggs, jewelry, mirrors, clocks,...etc!

   * Fossil marble interior designs: plaques, tables, sinks, fountains, tiles,...etc!

   * Crystals and minerals: desert rose, hematite, quartz, azurite, malachite, manganese, calcite, vanadinite,...etc!
Fossil Stones
Fossil for Jewelry making
Sculptures & Plaques
Trilobites Fossils
Fossilized Dishes & Bowls
Fossilized Boxes
Fossilized Holders
Fossilized Cups & Vases
Fossil Marble Tables
Fossil Marble Sinks
Fossilized Mirrors & Clocks
Minerals & Crystals
Our fossil marble products, bases and tops are exotic yet elegant conversation pieces that make an impression in any indoor or outdoor environment. We strongly invite you to cast these one-of-a-kind design elements as the visually unforgettable lead characters in the decor of your life. Our craftsmen are skilful to make your decorative design or style dreams (tables, sinks, fountains,...) a reality, just send us a photograph or a drawing with your favourite dimensions .

  We can provide the lower price than other companies, however, the quality is good. Our main concern is to provide quality customers service. We provide shipment to your desired destination anywhere in the world by sea or plane. We work with companies and clients around the world - U.S. , Europe, Asia,... etc!

We provide good quality packing ,so your orders will be delivered safe.

Please note that we accept the payment methods below:

- Money Gram
- Western Union
- Bank Transfer
- International money order through when visit us.

   So try to have a look around and please keep in mind that we are a wholesale and retail company, however if you have any special needs don't hesitate to contact us.
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